Market & Range

Prochamp supplies its products to retailers, food service companies and industries all over the world. Biggest sales market are our Home market Europe and North and Central America, but our mushroom are sold and eaten on all continents of the globe.

In addition to our own A brands, among which are Prochamp, Champex, Peffer and Venlo, we also sell products under private labels. We produce more than 550 different labels in all the usual net weights and can volumes – from small to large. Our range is tailormade. You yourself decide what size mushrooms you want, how thinly they are to be sliced and how the brine is to be composed.

We also offer tailormade packaging. Sealed cans can be placed in trays and wrapped in shrink film if so desired. We supply all kinds of pallets. We have for example developed a half-size pallet, which is easy to take into shops.

Our customers appreciate our reliability, price/quality ratio and our speed of delivery. Our flat organisation implies short communication lines and enables us to provide personal contact.