Innovation & Environment

Innovation makes for a powerful chain

We find it important to use sound production methods and show concern for the world around us. By continuing to invest in safety and the environment in an innovative manner we are able to optimally control our production process and supply sustainable, pure, fair products.

  • Our compost, for example, is produced in totally sealed areas. Good hygiene from the very start means that we are able to grow our mushrooms without crop protection agents. This means they are without additives and pesticide-free; healthy and pure as nature intended!
  • Our cultivation units conform to our own strict environmental standards. We minimise waste production and make economical use of water and energy. Our own biological water-recovery and purification system recycles our process water for cleaning purposes. And we reuse the heat generated by our energy-saving cooling machines to heat our cultivation units.
  • All the links in our 100% closed chain are located within a radius of a few kilometres. So our raw materials and semifinished products do not have to be transported far at all. That implies a tremendous saving in CO2 emissions. And that way we reduce our own carbon footprint.