New ERP system enables sound operational processes – today and tomorrow

New ERP system enables sound operational processes – today and tomorrow

Growth and Prochamp’s commitment to continually professionalise and standardise its operational processes have driven the implementation of a new ERP system at the company. The desire to develop and introduce a new system dates back to 2015. Implementation of the new system started in Q1 of 2016. The newly integrated ERP system has now been up and running for some time – to the satisfaction of all involved. An excellent achievement for a dynamic enterprise that places the highest standards on the quality of its products, and controls all the links in the production chain.

Traceability is vital

Enterprise Resource Planning; integrating all operational facets such as support, measuring, registering and analysis in a single application. From the mushroom farm right up to the moment the preserved mushrooms leave the production facility on their way to customers. “An ERP solution that enables complete traceability and registers data once that has to be used a hundred times”, according to Gerard van Heijst, Finance & Administration manager at Prochamp.

SI Foodware combined with Microsoft Navision

Schouw Informatisering was the company responsible for supporting and advising Prochamp in the development, implementation and continued development of the ERP system. The system is based around Microsoft Navision, supplemented by the food industry specific add-on SI Foodware developed by Schouw Informatisering and provides a solution that perfectly answers the specific needs and demands of Prochamp.

Stock management and data overviews

All the information and figures generated by the new ERP system give high value management data that is more comprehensive than ever before. For instance, mushrooms in a certain batch can be traced back to farm level, and even to flush level. The system also equips the sales organisation at Prochamp with an extra tool. Various information tables about the purchased products can now be offered to customers as a service, for example.

Optimal process control

Quality improvements, standardised information flows and control over all links in the process. Key production chain components that, thanks to the launch of the new ERP systems, are completely under Prochamp’s control.